Special Offer to New Patients

(and to those of you returning after a substantial break!)

Adult dentistry can present many more challenges over and above those we are often faced with when treating children and adolescents. Restorative challenges can be considerable yet very rewarding for both patients and practitioners alike.

The starting point, however, is always the same; the need to gather as much detailed information as possible to enable us to provide you with the best possible treatment options.

Here at Marriott and Hand we believe that in order to tailor-make a customised treatment plan specifically for each and every adult, we need to commence with an Initial Comprehensive Examination.

We will dedicate an hour entirely to gathering all the appropriate information we feel we need, including:

  • Palpation of jaw joints, facial musculature and soft tissues
  • A thorough visual oral examination of your lips, cheeks, tongue, hard and soft palate
  • Using our clinical microscopes, a full examination of your teeth and gums
  • All the radiographs (such as Bite-Wing or Panoramic X-Rays) we feel appropriate for your case at the time of the examination
  • All the clinical photographs we feel necessary to document your current status
  • Study models of your teeth and jaws if we feel they are appropriate at this stage

Once we have this information, we will sit down with you and talk you through our clinical findings.

We will suggest one or possibly several treatment plans, all of which will be clinically viable and suitable for you.

You will leave our rooms with the knowledge you need to make the decisions which are right for you, along with printed copies of any or all the plans we have talked over.

If necessary, a separate complimentary appointment (no charge) can be arranged to follow up on what has been discussed and to answer any further questions you may have.

Our Initial Comprehensive Examination is reserved by appointment only.

Your investment in establishing your dental future with Marriott and Hand begins with a phone call to us on 9330 2455 to schedule your initial one hour visit. We look forward to meeting you soon.