Tooth Coloured Fillings

Tooth Coloured Fillings Melbourne VIC

A great alternative to unattractive, ineffective amalgam fillings, tooth coloured restorations are strong and virtually invisible

The tooth coloured restorations used at Marriott & Hand in Melbourne are made of a sturdy and resilient composite resin. They are one of the most effective dental restorations used today.

When a tooth is damaged due to decay it is important that the tooth and the surrounding teeth are treated as soon as possible to maintain optimum oral health. Our tooth coloured restorations fill any holes or pits caused by tooth decay. They are strong enough to protect the integrity of the tooth for up to 10 years.

Why tooth coloured fillings and not amalgam fillings?

Aside from the obvious aesthetic reasons, there are a number of health reasons why tooth coloured fillings are better. For example:

  1. An amalgam filling requires healthy tooth structure to be removed. A tooth coloured fillings only need the decayed tooth structure to be cleaned away.
  2. Amalgam filling does not completely protect the tooth. There is a chance decay can form underneath the amalgam filling. On the other hand, tooth coloured fillings fill the hole left by decay.
  3. Amalgam fillings can crack your teeth. Amalgam expands and contracts with temperature changes. If a tooth cracks it will either require restorative treatment or, worse case scenario, you will need a tooth extraction.

The benefits of tooth coloured fillings

The advantages of using composite resin for small dental restorations include:

  • Can be colour-matched to your teeth, so they are virtually invisible.
  • Maintain the health, strength and integrity of the tooth by stabilising its structure.
  • Can last up to 10 years with good care.

With regular dental check-ups you can avoid the need for more extensive dental work

A tooth coloured filling today has the potential to save your tooth from a root canal tomorrow. By removing the decay and restoring the tooth, you are protecting the root of the tooth from infection.

However, having a filling does not mean your tooth is immune to infection. You will still need to brush and floss regularly. And minimise sugary foods that come into contact with your teeth.

Marriott & Hand in Melbourne provide tooth coloured fillings because they are the healthier and more aesthetically pleasing option for tooth restorations.


Tooth-coloured fillings are restorations made from very special strong and resilient resin containing tiny glass beads. They are used to fill holes and pits caused by tooth decay and can help to protect the structure of the tooth for up to 10 years or more.

Tooth-coloured fillings look much better than amalgam fillings, as they match the shade of the natural teeth. They are also long-lasting and help to maintain the strength of the tooth by stabilising the structure.

Tooth-coloured fillings are also healthier than amalgam fillings, as they only require the decayed section of the tooth to be removed to allow for bonding. Whereas amalgam fillings remove healthy tooth and can also lead to cracks within your teeth, as they expand and contract with temperature changes.

If a tooth has become damaged as a result of decay, it is important that it is treated as soon as possible to maintain overall oral health. By removing decay as early as possible, and restoring the tooth, the structure of the tooth, as nature designed it, is better protected.

Tooth coloured fillings Melbourne

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