Anxious Patients

Dental Anxiety, Melbourne VIC

At Marriott & Hand, we understand that many people have a degree of dental anxiety about the idea of visiting the dentist.

It’s hardly uncommon for people to fear taking a trip to the dentist, even for minor check-ups and cleans. It affects thousands of Australians every year and is one of the biggest reasons people delay or skip important dental treatment. At Marriott & Hand, our dental practice understands that many may struggle with this kind of fear and anxiety. So, we aim to provide treatment in a way that anyone can access the dental care they deserve.

A comfortable and compassionate practice

The team at Marriott & Hand is committed to providing a comfortable environment for every patient who visits the practice. We take a personal approach to dental care and will talk you through each treatment and process, and discuss any worries or concerns, as well as other options available.

Our practice utilizes modern technology partnered with the skill of our highly trained and experienced doctors. You can sit back and relax knowing your dental experience is in in the best hands

What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is a broad term that we use to describe fear, anxiety or stress when a patient undergoes dental treatment. In severe cases, this kind of anxiety can be experienced just by thinking of the dentist. However, it’s most often triggered by things like dentists’ tools like needles and drills, specific clinic odours, and sounds made during treatment.

The causes of dental anxiety are most often rooted in a traumatic or unpleasant trip to the dentist at a young age. This often creates a behaviour of avoidance by patients, resulting in longer times between dental visits and as a consequence, patients requiring more invasive treatments, further propelling the cycle of associated anxiety.

When dental fear is so severe that people completely avoid going to the dentist, it is referred to as dental phobia.

For people with certain mental health conditions, the risk of dental anxiety can be higher. Conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar or schizophrenia can all lead to heightened anxiety surrounding dental treatment.

Signs you may experience dental anxiety

There are a few common signs that you might experience some level of dental anxiety, such as:

  • Sweating and clammy palms
  • Racing heartbeat or heart palpitations
  • Low blood pressure (feel like fainting)
  • Distress during treatment, for example, panic, crying or aggression

How does dental anxiety affect your health?

As well as making trips to the dentist highly unpleasant, or avoiding them completely, dental anxiety can have a number of negative impacts on your oral health. This includes:

  • Worsening of overall dental health from avoiding treatment
  • Greater need for emergency care or more invasive/complex treatments
  • Missing out on effective oral care education, further exacerbating dental issues
  • Increased risk of gum disease

How we treat anxious patients at Marriott & Hand

At Marriott & Hand, we offer sleep or sedation dentistry for patients who suffer from dental anxiety or for people with dental phobia. You don’t have to have anxiety in order to undergo sleep or sedation density, with some of our patients simply preferring this treatment option.

Nevertheless, when relaxation techniques and other strategies for coping with dental anxiety are not enough, our sleep and sedation treatment options enable anyone, no matter your level of discomfort, to have tour dental problems treated properly.

Our Practice

Whether you suffer from fear of the dentist, are anxious about treatment, or just want to feel relaxed during treatment, talk to the friendly team at Marriott & Hand in Melbourne about how we can help you. Our team is here to help you get the best dental care available.

Our aim is to help you in finding a dentist and practice where you comfortable and are able to undergo both an enjoyable and successful dental experience.

If you suffer from severe anxiety or fear, contact the friendly and caring team at Marriot & Hand today to organise your sedation dentistry appointment.