Meet The Team

David Marriott

I was born, raised and educated in north-east Cheshire, subsequently graduating from Turner Dental School, Manchester, England. After working for a year and a half in the UK, I immigrated to Australia, and commenced work in Airport West in August 1978, in the professional suites in Westfield Shopping Centre; we moved to our current rooms in 1998.

I have raised a couple of children, who are now young independent adults. Needless to say, they have great teeth; both, however, required considerable orthodontic treatment, and as luck would have it, they had almost opposite problems. Between them, they were pivotal to my decision to study orthodontics mid-career.

Whilst I thoroughly enjoy my profession, I do have a life outside my chosen vocation! As many of you will know, my interests include, in no particular order of preference, music of most genres, motorcycling, photography, architecture, art, high altitude trekking and mountains in general, cookery and dining, travel. I walk as often as I am able, something I find particularly relaxing and enjoyable, whether in the bush, along the banks of the Yarra, in our glorious parks and gardens, or within the inner city.

Dr David Marriott | Marriott and Hand
Dr Phililp Hand | Marriott and Hand

Philip Hand

Proudly born, raised and schooled in Melbourne and subsequently studying Dentistry in New Zealand, I first practised in Broken Hill and Geelong, and then on my return to Melbourne began practise with David in 1988.

Using the many skills honed over many years of continued and vigorous study enables us to provide our patients with an informed range of options that allow them to decide on the treatment plan that suits them best to produce the beautiful smiles we all desire. Offering the vast array of dental treatments that we do, most commonly means that patients do not require referral to other specialties, thus making us more of a one stop shop.

Married to Meri, I am the proud father of three daughters.

When not at work I enjoy nothing more than being in the hills on my motorcycle, out cycling with the family or playing rugby (still can’t give it up) through the winter season.


About our staff

Once you have been a patient of ours, you may notice something considered a little unusual amongst dental practices. We don’t recycle our staff.

All our staff members Marcia, Paula, Jen, Renee, Nancy, Aneta and Camille have been with us well over five years; the average overall is close to ten. We count ourselves lucky to be surrounded and assisted by such an able and dedicated team. All these ladies commenced working with us full time, and have gone on to return part time post maternity leave. The great advantage for you is that whilst we continually rotate staff, over time you will come to recognise their faces.